The Modern World-System II: Mercantilism and the Consolidation of the European World-Economy (1600-1750)Immanuel Wallerstein

ISBN-10: 0127859241

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This book covers the consolidation of the European world-economy during the seventeenth century.

"An indispensable acquisition for academic libraries, upper-division and above, mainly because of the ongoing discussion that was initiated with the publication of Volume I."


"[Wallerstein's] greatest strength in this enterprise is his prodigious knowledge of the literature. The bibliography at the end of the books is not only impressive and useful but is also reflected in the footnoting of each passage... [this work] commands respect and justifies interest in the volumes to follow."


"In our age of high specialization, Wallerstein's ambitious yet judicious synthesis will command the respect of any scholar who has tried to grapple with the peculiarly intractable problems of the period."


Italian l982

Dutch l983

French l984

Spanish l984

Serbo‑Croat l986

Japanese 1993

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Chinese 1998, 2000;

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