Upsurge in Movements Around the Globe: 1968 Redux?

Special talk by Immanuel Wallerstein, distinguished scholar and author of the essential “The Modern World System,” a classic three volume study of the emergence of capitalism, which has recently been republished alongside a brand new fourth volume. Dr. Wallerstein, currently Senior Research Scholar at Yale University, is not only one of the most respected sociologists of our times, but has been, for decades, a tireless ally of struggles in the global South, and a major theorist of the radical potential of antisystemic movements to challenge the global capitalist status quo.

Analyzing the chaotic and unpredictable historical conjecture in which we find ourselves, Dr. Wallerstein highlights the instability of a world-system far from equilibrium, where our actions may very well be the factor that decides whether the planet succumbs to the spirit of Davos, home of the World Economic Forum and its vision of capitalism without democracy, or, on the contrary, accedes to the spirit of Porto Alegre, home of the World Social Forum and a vision of a global, participatory, and anticapitalist civil society.

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